Wax Cabin Allocation

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Wax cabin rooms will be assigned based on the teams’ registration numbers and the teams’ request for space.  There is a fee for each room.

Wax Cabins


All teams have been assigned wax cabin(s) or wax room(s), based on their athlete registration numbers as well as their request through the OC’s event manager (please see the Event Invitation for cost per wax room/size). Please do not perform any alterations (hooks, shelves, carpentry) as the trailers are rentals and need to be returned in good order.
The wax cabin keys are available through the race office upon the Teams’ arrival to the venue, and a deposit of $50 CAD (cash) will be required.
NOTE: Power provided for electrical appliances in Canada is 110V, and European wax irons and heat guns etc. will not work in Canada. It is the responsibility of the teams to bring waxing equipment that will work in Canada or bring their own power converters. If booked in advance from the OC event manager (heidi_settings@msn.com), power converters (5000 W) can be rented at a cost of $225 CAD for the duration of the event.

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