Prince George Wraps Up the 2024 World Para Biathlon Championships with Record-breaking Success

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March 18, 2023

Prince George, BC Canada – As the 2024 World Para Biathlon Championships and Para Nordic World Cup Finals come to a close, Prince George bids farewell to an extraordinary global assembly, with the promise of reunion in future competitions.

Max Cobb, Secretary General of the International Biathlon Union, shared his admiration for the event, stating, “The championships have truly captivated the world, showcasing Prince George’s vibrant spirit and world-class hospitality. Witnessing the community’s passionate support and the flawless execution by the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club has been a highlight. Their dedication sets a benchmark for future hosts, and we eagerly anticipate returning to this exceptional venue.”

John Aalberg, Chief of Competitions, added, “The level of precision and dedication displayed throughout the championships was remarkable. Our athletes faced challenging and competitive courses, yet the spirit of fair play and excellence shone through, thanks to the meticulous preparation by the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and the unwavering support of the local community. This event has certainly raised the bar for future competitions.”

Prince George embraced over 200 athletes, guides, and support staff from March 5-17, sharing not just the competitions but a mutual love for sports and an unbreakable spirit. Over 12 days, athletes from 20 countries competed, resulting in XXXX medals awarded, creating countless memorable moments.

Kevin Pettersen, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, reflected on the event’s impact: “The 2024 championships have far exceeded our expectations, leaving an indelible mark on all who participated. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and staff, we’ve delivered an impeccable event that not only met, but raised the standards for organizing world-class competitions. Prince George has once again proven itself as a hub for excellence in sports and community spirit.”

The event, which resulted from three years of meticulous planning, brought significant economic benefits to the region and established a lasting legacy, further positioning Prince George and the surrounding area as a centre of excellence in sports. Despite starting the competitions at -26 C and ending with +16 C temperatures, the competition’s spirit remained undiminished, with athletes and volunteers alike rising to the occasion, showcasing resilience and excellence.

“The championships underscored the extraordinary level of commitment from everyone involved, reinforcing the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club’s status as a premier host,” remarked Max Cobb. “This event not only celebrated sportsmanship but also set a new standard for future championships.”

In closing, Kevin Pettersen expressed his gratitude: “Seeing our community unite to host the 2024 World Championships has been nothing short of magical. The excellent snow conditions, combined with the overwhelming sponsor and volunteer support, made this event a standout. We’ve received overwhelming positive feedback from international visitors and locals alike, witnessing the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club shine on the global stage. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making this event a monumental

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For more information, contact:

Kevin Pettersen, Chair, Local Organizing Committee
Phone: 250-564-0392 | Mobile: 250-640-6234

John Aalberg, Chief of Competitions

Heidi Martel, Event Manager
Phone: 250-981-3485

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